It is the hope of every customer that the product they order will be the perfect fit for their home. Because this is not always the case, it is especially important to study the return policies of any company you plan to make a purchase from, especially in the case of purchasing an investment such as a hide-a-bed.

Return Time Frame

It is important to ensure that should you for any reason need to return the product—in full or in part—that you have an ample time frame in which to do so. When you know the length of time you have to potentially return your hide-a-bed, you can better plan your time frame for installation and trial usage. Additionally, pay careful attention to return policy time frames and their relation to shipping time. If a return policy does not include shipping time, you will need to prepare for this when arranging to return your hide-a-bed.

Services Charges

When placing your order, be sure to note if the company you are ordering through has any service charges associated with product returns or exchanges. Often companies have service charges or handling fees for returning your hide-a-bed, especially if the return is conducted after a certain time period.


It is especially important to be aware of return policies and fees if you are purchasing your hide-a-bed from a company that is not located near to you. Because returning the hide-a-bed will involve getting it back to the company, if you are not returning it due to damages or defects you will most likely have to pay for the return shipment. It can be beneficial to discuss this with the company before making your hide-a-bed purchase, so that you are not caught unaware when attempting to make a return.

Communicating with the company your hide-a-bed was purchased from can be the biggest asset in making a return go smoothly. Be sure to ask plenty of questions before making your purchase, and continue to ask questions throughout the ordering and delivery process if you are at all concerned. Please join us next week as we discuss the ins and outs of hide-a-bed warranties.