For some of you the weather may be rainy or getting colder, but here in the high desert, we're experiencing a heat wave! This weekend we've had temperatures in the high 80's - low 90's, which has meant; extra time floating the Deschutes River, outdoor grilling, sun tan lines, and so much more!

Bend Oregon - Old Mill District

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Bend Oregon

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We had such a long rainy/snowy winter here in Bend, we practically skipped spring all together. So right when most of us would expect to be getting the fall rain jackets out of storage, mother nature throws a curve ball at us. Please don't think we're complaining, we just weren't thinking this was going to happen. This is still the Pacific Northwest after all! Above we've included two great photos, the first of the Deschutes River right next to the Old Mill District and hte second one a view of one of the many mountains here!