Delivery Confirmation

Below are answers to some common questions

Whats the overall process like?

According to the comments you fill out in the form below, your order will ship to best meet them. Please note though while we make every effort to meet your desired date, it is not guaranteed without upgraded shipping options.

Upon shipment of the item, you will receive an email with the tracking number for your delivery.

Once the item is in your local delivery area, you will receive an arrival notification call from the courier. At this point you can arrange a time that is convenient for you to have your wall bed delivered.

The freight courier will provide you with a curbside drop off of your package. At this time, you should inspect your items to ensure they were not damaged in transit. We recommend that you open all packaging and confirm there is no damage and note any and all packaging/product blemishes on the bill of lading.

Please contact us immediately if an item is damaged. If any of your items are severely damaged, please refuse acceptance of those items. If any of your items arrive with severe damage to the packaging please make sure to note the observations on the delivery truck driver's bill of lading.

It will be the responsibility of the receiving party to transport the item(s) inside your home. We recommend that you open the package outside then carry the contents individually into your house. The wall bed will come disassembled in five individual pieces. Four of the five pieces can be carried by a single person. The fifth piece weighs approx 150 pounds, is the size of a mattress box spring and will require an extra hand.

Will they call ahead of time?

Because most of our items are large, they require assistance to transport them inside your home. For this reason, we elect to provide delivery notification free of charge for our customers. This means when your item has reached it's local delivery area, you will receive a call from the dispatcher to schedule a day for this item to be delivered.

If you feel like your item should have already arrived, but you still haven't received a call yet, please use your provided tracking number to see the location of your item. If it is in your local area, feel free to contact the freight company with any inquiries about their delivery schedule.

Is a delivery date guaranteed?

Delivery dates are not guaranteed, but we always take an extra effort to meet any desired date. If you would prefer a guaranteed delivery date contact our customer service department for upgraded shipping options.

I'm not ready to accept the bed yet, how long can you hold it?

We store beds for outgoing shipment for 1 month. Orders that have not left our warehouse after 1-month are put into long-term storage. Storage charges accrue at $15/week and balances will need to be cleared before the item can be shipped.

When will the item ship?

All orders ship by Thursday. Please contact us if these arrangements do not work.

How big are the individual pieces?

When you pick up your item it will be in five individual pieces. The largest piece weighs about 150 lbs and is the size of the mattress. For example, if you ordered a queen bed, this piece will be 62" wide by 82" long. We recommend that you bring a trailer that will enable the largest piece to lay flat; this minimizes the risk of damage in transport. To ensure that you will be able to transport it safely, please see the below dimensions table.

Individual Part Dimensions
Main Body62'' x 82'' x 9''
Side Panel16'' x 85'' x 3/4''
Side Panel16'' x 85'' x 3/4''
Headboard17'' x 63'' x 2''
Crown17'' x 66'' x 4''